In the last decades, the broiler industry (i.e. the industry of animals raised for meat production) has been growing to supply consumers with low-cost meat.


Specific application for mother houses, localising the heat on the piglets.

Temperature stability in weaning houses

Improved feed conversion rate.

Reduction of diseases.

Easy installation and cleaning.

No maintenance problems or cost overruns.

Intuitive control from your mobile phone.

Pork production in Spain is at record levels, with some 4.52 million tonnes of meat produced,

Figures that keep us in fourth place in the world, just behind China, the United States and Germany.

During 2018, production has grown by around 5% (+5.17% in tonnes and +4.66% in number of heads), recovering the strong upward trend of the previous three-year period (2014-2016).

Within the European Union, Spain remains in second position, with 19% of EU production, and is gradually approaching Germany, which remains in first place with 22.4% of EU production.

The importance of Spanish production in the EU as a whole has been increasing over the last few seasons, given that only 5 years ago Spanish production barely exceeded 15.7% of the EU total.

In 30 years, the Spanish pig population has doubled from 15 million in 1986 to 30 million in 2018.


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