1. Design / engineering

1.1. Development of our own far infrared panel adapted to livestock.
The AVIR HEATER is a robust, high quality, electrical and maintenance-free equipment. With its design, it provides a modern and industrial solution, which facilitates cleaning in demanding environments, thanks to its IP65 classification. The oval shape, with no edges or gaps, prevents the deposit of dirt.

1.2. Adjustment of the heating system operation (automation) to maximize its performance (animal comfort / energy use).
To make possible the study and knowledge of the farm, our proprietary automation system records environmental and operating parameters, in a more complete way than what is currently implemented in this type of facilities.

The latest hardware and software technologies within the paradigm called Industry 4.0 allow us to integrate all the data to be able to unify and analyze them, being this the only way to be able to make decisions regarding them.

1.3. Facility sizing methodology.
he design of an installation requires determining the number and distribution of heaters, as well as their switching on and off patterns. Having a methodology for this sizing (computerized as much as possible) is important for the scalability of the project, so that each new installation does not require complex processes or trial and error phases.

Instalación AVIR

2. Design, manufacture, distribution and maintenance

3. Easy installation, tailored and without stopping production

4. Maintenance

After the complete installation, it is very important to be able to offer and ensure a quality after-sales service that allows the best maintenance in the useful life of the system. This maintenance service offers the client the update of the software, making the installations participate in the successive technological innovations.

Instalación AVIR


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